Loved Lab Winners

Every month we pick a winner from our Loved Labrador contest.

Our July winner was...  Maxwell, wow... what a beautiful boy and a great picture.    Don't forget you can enter your Labrador (he or she just has to be loved, not dog show material), by going to:

beautiful yellow Labrador male

His owner says, "Maxwell is the calmest, sweetest dog I've ever known.  This is super comforting to me because right now my life is a little crazy with a new baby and too much work stress.  I can just look at Maxwell and feel better."


Our June winner was....   Pogo.

Reason I Love this Lab:  Pogo was named because she jumps up and down in excitement when you arrive, like a Pogo stick.  I know, perhaps not the most original name.  But it's her sheer glee in life and friends that make me love her so much.  She's a great retriever and has even fetched a frisbee while battling waves at the beach.  Yeah, Pogo!  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that.   But here is one of her in the sun with her coat gleaming.



Our May winner was....  Sal

Yellow Labrador puppy female ny

Reason I love this Lab: My gal Sal. I know my puppy, Sally, probably looks like lots of other yellow Labrador puppies to you, but she's very special to me. She was born just down the street from me, so I got to see her a couple of times a week from when she was just a few weeks old until she became my dog.

Sally is thoughtful and kind. Does that sound crazy? Our other dogs have all acted like, well, animals. But Sally will sit and watch and think. Sure occasionally she'll race across the floor after the cat or do silly puppy stuff, but I've never seen such a calm and happy puppy.

I just love Sally to pieces and even though I've only had her for a month, she's a huge part of my life and I'm sure will be for all of her life.



On April 15th the Loved Labrador Winner was Rosco 

Labrador Retriever wins Loved Labrador award

His owner says, "Rosco is great. We got him from another family that couldnt care for him when he was already 2 yrs old, but he warmed up right away. He actually came from the same litter as our other pup Sammy. They get along like bros should. He's very loving and loves to cuddle."

On April 1st the Loved Labrador Winner was Grimm! 

7 month old Labrador Puppy wins Loved Labrador award

his owner says, "this is my sweet boy Grimm- he's still a pup today is his 7 month birthday, I love him because he's always happy!"


Our Mid-March Loved Labrador Winner is Ruby:

Lovable Labrador for March

We think Ruby is the most loved lab in the world because she always knows when we need one of her special "kisses". She is smart, loving and loyal. Ruby was recently diagnosed at her young age with medial luxting patellas in both knees and will be requiring surgery in March for her left knee. We will give her all the care this angel deserves and we just love her so much!


Our Valentine's Day edition of the Loved Labrador contest was Swisher, who is loved simply because:

He loves to go for a walk. Here he is getting his leash to tell me that he wants to go!!

dog with leash


Our February 1st 2013 winner of the Loved Labrador contest was Bucca: 

Chocolate Labrador

Buca is THE most loved dog. She is a chocolate lab who turned 10 this past fall. We adopted her at 6 weeks old but she was 6 months old when she came to live on our resort.

She has 2 dog companions and they are equally loved by us, but Buca has captured the hearts of most of our guests too. Her personality is tops! She will greet you as you pull in, come around to your cabin and spend "quality" time with you. She loves the oldest to the youngest person. We swear she smiles and we always know when she is pouting. She took our yellow lab puppy and began showing her the ropes to take over as official greeter.

We almost lost Buca this past Christmas, she had a 5# tumor removed on her spleen. Her being able to come back home with us was the best present any of us could have asked for. The photo above was taken just before her surgery.


Our apologies for not keeping on schedule in January.  Sorry about that.  Our second January winner was:


funny black labrador

People hardly need to be convinced as to why we love our Labradors, but Dexter has a little something extra that makes everyone he meets absolutely adore him.

He is the sweetest guy who always has a smile and always wants to have fun. Whether he's playing with his canine friends in the dog park, frolicking in the river during a camping trip or seeing how many stuffed toys he can retrieve at one time (note photo),

Dexter brings joy to everyone he meets and is truly a loved poochie. And he's just so cute!












Our January 1st 2013 (Happy New Year) winner is Tigger.  Tigger has a bit of a sad, soulful look, but he is very loved for the kindness and compassion that he shows  Read below for his owner's explanation of why Tigger is so loved.

Loved Labrador Retriever

Tigger is a big chocolate lab. He was the littlest in his litter, really didn't think he was going to make it. But here he is the most laid back lab you could ever meet.

Tigger is a therapy dog he visits nursing homes once a month. The residents just love him. Sometimes I can't get him to leave he will lay down and not move. Because wants to stay and visit.

He loves to go boating and swimming and camping as well.

He is the most kind hearted dog. Once we had a cat the was wounded in the yard and it couldn't out run the other dogs, Tigger stood over her and wouldn't let them near her. He wait till I got to her before he would move. Then lol he began to wine because he wanted her back so he laid with her on the porch keeping her warm. Turns out it was a little girls cat that ran away the month before and they were very happy that Tigger had found her.

That's my Tigger my hunk of love. :)

Congratulations to Tigger and his owner!



Our December 15th 2012 winner (okay, we're running a bit late announcing it) is:

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Named LuluThis is Lulu and why is Lulu a Loved Labrador?

As we all know labs are family dogs. Lulu knows without saying lets go bye bye that I'm going somewhere. My mom has Parkinson's diease. For the past year when she falls and my and myself can't hear her, she'll sit next to mom until someone is by her side. When my mom is in the room bangs on door and we don't hear the bang. She will bark and scratch her bedroom door. She is soo lovable and helps watch over mom.